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Business Purpose

List a Token

1. How to list a token on Capricorn?

Anybody can "list" any CRC20 network token on Capricorn. No contact or permission is needed. Users can find your token by entering the token's contract address after you adding liquidity to certain pair.

2. How to block a fake copy of a token?

Due to the nature of AMM-based DEX, Capricorn is not able to prevent the trading of any CRC20 token.
Please ensure that your token contract is visible and verifiable on your site, report scams in your communities and social medias, and educate your users about how to trade your token safely.

Token Whitelist

Sumbit your request via Apply to add token whitelist
To get your project listed with whitelist (Token ICON and drop-down list display), please sumbit the form and our team will be in touch with you soon.
For any queries, please contact us via our official community for developers:

Apply for Green House (IFO)

Submit your application via Apply to run an IFO (Ask for reviews)
You can launch your IFO through the following two options:
(A) Launch with review
The project will be reviewed by the IFO committee and display on the frontend after approval.
(B) Launch without review
The project will not be reviewed by anyone or shown on the frontend.
Instead, the project will get an exclusive URL for the farm pool and be able to promote it in your communities.