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Capricorn Finance launched our new Innitial Farm Offering(IFO) platform “Greenhouse”(, and offers Zenith.Finance, the leading lending protocol.

Why Zenith.Finance

Why Capricorn chose Zenith as our first IFO project?
Zenith.Finance is the first and core lending protocol on Cube Network has got hundreds of million liquidity investment from Cube Eco Foundation. Featuring a fast,low-cost,safe and simple-to-use lending platform, Zenith.Finance allows every crypto player —from novices to veterans — to earn high-interest yield on their cryptocurrency.
By providing strong, efficient, and highly-scalable markets, Zenith will largely improve the overall capital-efficiency, activate user activity and release the potential of Cube Chain Ecosystem, which explains why Capricorn and Cube Ecosystem give so much attention to the lending protocol.

For users,how to participate in Zenith IFO?

1.IFO sale of Zenith(ZNT):500,000 ZNT tokens available(0.5% of total) for the sale to raise $100,000.
2.To participate: Capricorn users need to stake $500 worth of CORN in “stake CORN to earn CORN” pool, which you will be able to finish here​
3.Once finished the registration Greenhouse users could buy ZNT tokens with CUBE
4.The pre-sale of ZNT lasts for 24 hours from 6:00(UTC) July 1st to 6:00(UTC) July 2nd.

For Project Owner:

Capricorn Finance reserves the right to final interpretation of the event.
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