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05/26 Capricorn Finance Beta Test Announcement & Event

Capricorn Finance is the first protocol incubated by Gringotts Labs, which plans to roll out a matrix of DeFi projects to accelerate the expansion of the CUBE Chain ecosystem.
As the debut protocol of Gringotts Labs, Capricorn Finance has received billions of USD crypto asset liquidity investment and will provide multiple on-chain services for all crypto players, who could trade CRC-20 tokens, provide liquidity to earn trading fees, stake LP tokens, and Capricorn’s governance token CORN, and also purchase new project tokens on this platform.
Capricorn Finance is excited to announce that we are holding a Beta Test Event along with the launch of CUBE Chain Testnet. Capricorn’s Beta Test launch marks a huge milestone for the protocol as it moves forward in meeting its targets in its development roadmap. Now, please check the detailed rules below and jump into this tremendous airdrop event!
Event Link:
Starting from 02:00(UTC), May 26
50,0000 CORN OR Flash Mining Whitelist

How to get the Prize

The following content is for reference only
1.Social media influencers
Publish or post related content about Capricorn continuously!
Build local community and help marketing activities in the local country or region
(Branding, marketing, community, BD and so on)
Twitter KOL: No less than 10k followers;
Youtube KOL: No less than 10k subscribers;
Telegram/Discord Community Owner: No less than 2000 members.
2.Community member
Keep active in our TG group and proactively answer users’ questions;
Manage the group and help build consensus in the Capricorn community;
Follow and retweet on Twitter continuously;
Provide local language translation of Capricorn’s official website and gitbook!
3.Bug report
Bug reports + Solutions
LP provider, Traders, or other contributors on Capricorn after mainnet lauching.

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Depict profane, obscene, discriminatory, offensive, or abusive content is not allowed.
Capricorn Finance reserves the right to final interpretation of the event.