Capricorn Finance

For Project Owner

Project owner have two options for launching an IFO at Green House.
All functions are available on testnet, you can try it out.

Launch with Review

1.Visit "My Seed" page.
2.Click "Launch your token".
3.Select launch with review
4.Fill out the form for review, it will be completed within 7 days.
5.After approval, configure the project details through the launch tool.
6.Token setting
6.1 Select the token you want to list for IFO, please enter your token contract address in the pop-out window.
6.2 Approve your token and confirm in your wallet.
50% will be used for sale and 50% will be used to provide liquidity after the sales is over.
Liquidity will be added in proportion to the IFO price. If the current trading pair already exists, the system will compare the ratio when adding the liquidity. When the difference is more than 3%, the liquidity will not be added until the difference is restored to within 3%.
6.3 Event of over-allotment
Additional 20% tokens are required based on the initial token sale amount. When the initial tokens are sold out, the over-allotment will be automatically triggered.
The funds raised by the oversubscription will form an over-allotment pool, read more.
7.General setting
7.1 Set up time period
7.2 Configure the liquidity lock-up time
7.3 Qualified user
Only users who meet the requirements can participate.
Qualified users' requirements will vary based on actual circumstances.
7.4 General information
Contract Audits:The link needs to point to the official audit results provided by the audit firm.
7.5 Activate pair rewards
The project owner needs to pay the 20 USDT rewards in advance. So you need to "Approve USDT".
All users can active the trading pair on Capricorn, and the user who firstly active the pair will receive this rewards.
If no one participates in the project subscription, the 20 USDT rewards will be locked in the contract and cannot be retrieved.
8. Once you finished, click "Complete".
9. Confirming that all the information is correct, then click "Confirm"
At this point all tokens will be sent to the smart contract. So make sure you have enough tokens and gas fees to process.
10. Now you can see the project just released in "My Seed".
There is one last step, before your project will be visible to all users on the Green House page.
11. "Check Details" and submit the "Deployment address" to the Capricorn team.
Project will be displayed once team has received the address and confirmed it.
If you pass the launch review early, the confirmation progress will be completed within 12 hours. The entire process is expected to take 7 - 14 days if you do not pre-submit the release materials for review. Please make sure your IFO start time is within a reasonable range, otherwise you may face certain risks.
12. Now you can wait for the start time to arrive.

Launch without review

Basically it takes the same steps as "Launch with review", except you don't need to submit review materials.
1.It is released directly through Launch Tools, and there is no need to submit a deployment address to the Capricorn team after the launch is successful.
2.Follow the same steps, find the project you just released.
3.Get the access link for your communities.
Members of your community can participate in the IFO through this link.
4. Now you can wait for the start time to arrive.