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How to participate an IFO on Green House

1.Visit the Green House page, you can see a list of reviewed IFO projects.
2.If you want to participate in an IFO project that has not been reviewed, please search for its contract address to enter the participation page.
3.Select the IFO project you want to participate in.
4.Check whether you meet the qualification for participation.
5.If not, you need to stake enough CORN tokens (Stake CORN Earn CORN) through Garden first, please read how to stake in Garden.
Exactly Stake CORN Earn CORN
6.After successfully staking, return to Green House and choose the project you want to participate in.
7.Enter the amount of funds you want to participate with.
Users need to stake CORN to be eligible to participate.
Current requirements, stake at least 500 USDT worth of CORN.
8.The actual number of tokens received will depend on your share at the time of settlement.
9.When 100% of the tokens are sold out, a 20% over-allotment will be triggered, and the over-allotment tokens will also be allocated according to the proportion of subscription shares.
10.When the IFO is finished, users can claim the project tokens.
11.The tokens raised by the project owner and the project tokens will form liquidity and get locked for a predetermined period. The over-allotment tokens will form an over-allotment pool.
You have successfully participated in an IFO project on Green House.
If you want to "Withdraw" during the IFO process, make sure you have staked enough CORN.